Thank you TPA!

Hi all!

Pack your bags! We are moving on from the Performers Academy!

It was a great run.  Since 2012, we offered Meisner acting technique, audition practice, monologue training for Douglas Anderson and agencies, Fundamentals of Acting. We did Shakespeare, on-camera training, a 14-person teen play last fall, improv training including performances at MOSH, ArtWalk and OneSpark.  We produced films, hosted casting workshops last year and dozens of people have begun working professionally with agents and in award-winning films.

Now that the Acting page on Facebook has formally changed hands to TPA, I am re-focusing on what will come this year!  This site contains all you need to know. Our new Facebook page is Joanna C Horton & Co., which will include video updates from me, new trainings, information… here’s where I remind you to “like” this page if you haven’t yet.

It’s true, of course, that I will be spending my time primarily in Boston for graduate school as of July through this time next year (2014).

Kim Turton, Karen Overstreet, Matt Simons and I are collaborating with students over distance to continue the training.

Karen Overstreet
Kim Turton
Matt Simons

See you soon – with more information!


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