"Burdens" was no burden for this all-star team

We have not exactly “wrapped” the shoot for NBC’s short film competition, but with one scene left to shoot with the lead, Shawn, we are nearly there.

We spent Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday outside and inside shooting scenes for “Burdens.”

This short film is about people being contorted by carrying burdens given through society.  The film shows literal burdens such as a mirror (vanity), gold and money (avarice), a closet door (self-homophobia) receipts and bills (debt), and so on.

Thank you all the actors for their commitment and incredible talent, many from the studio and from HAS training.   Shawn, Barbara, Brandy, Victor, Craig, Daniel, Tyler, Sophie, Precious, Kishon, CJ, Ellin, Katelyn, Angelica, Madison, Dove, George, Jay, Kristy, David, Cher, Carolyn, Karen and of course the production team – Angie, Laura, me, Scott, Rob, Matt, Rich, Patience, Charles and Kim in spirit <3!
Thank you to the parents / spouses on set – Melissa (there in spirit), Kelly, Jenifer, Caroline and of course, the team:
  • Scott for writing the script (and for contributing the PRV truck)
  • Laura for the amazing food
  • Rob, Angie, Scott, Kim and I working as a production team on set
  • Matt for taking the project on
  • Chris and Rich for shooting it
  • Charles, Marcus, Craig and Patience for being on-set heroes
See some pictures below.   Greatness is not a destination or a final result: if this weekend was any indication, greatness is a mindset and a process.
Lucky to be part of this all-star group!

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