May and Beyond!

Hi acting friends,

I am communicating with many of you about my teaching and what the studio will be like this year. This blog is part of how I will stay in touch as things evolve.

As many of you have already know, in June I’m heading to the northeast complete my Master’s degree in Arts in Education at Harvard University for one year. I have plans to return to Jacksonville and return for periodic workshops (January, March and if possible, one in the fall) during the year.

I will not be here day-to-day these coming months but have arranged with some teachers to do some Skype-in work. While I am here, I’m making use of these months to be available for you.

I teach classes (Meisner class and the Teen acting program) and our showcase is May 30th at Bolles Middle School (you are all invited to come – and of course, you actors who are in the showcase will rock it!).

 I am working privately as well and continue to schedule you as needed. I will seek your feedback in the coming months and value your personal opinion and advice for guiding the studio.

 I am using my time at Harvard to craft a bigger, better, deeper, cleaner version of what we have now and your help will be critical to making this work.   To start, I have a 10 question survey. Please take the time now / soon to send it in, I would really appreciate it!

Leave me comments on my posts!

Thanks and keep rockin’,


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2 Responses to May and Beyond!

  1. Kim Turton says:

    Although I’m going to miss you tremendously, I’m so excited for this new chapter in your life. You motivate and inspire me each day and I’m looking forward to following you on this journey. This blog is such a wonderful way to stay connected to your students and I know that we will all be supporting you as you have, and continue to support us.

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