What Kind of Actor Are You?

Hi friends,

This upcoming year at Harvard will contain many secrets, including rolling out a new program.  Ok, maybe not MANY secrets but enough so that you’ll be glad you were on this blog. (Which reminds me: did you hit “subscribe” yet? No? I’ll wait while you click ri-i-ight there on the side of this post.) This year, Imma show you my:

– downloadable e-pamphlets and exercises for students
– the latest video posts about what I’m up to (and footage from the front lines!)
– sign-ups for conference / Skype classes and weekend programs

(l to r) Oana, me, Rob, Jessica and Jay in the studio when I was writing this post. Good peeps.

So what’s this about the new program I’m developing?  Glad you asked!   The new program focuses on acting for leaders. It will be tested this year with a group that will train together through June 2014, meeting in weekly classes via conference (Skype) and in six 3-day weekend intensives.  Our work together will include exercises in groups, performance training and leadership and bringing knowledge to others. 

What makes a person a good candidate for this program?  Good question!  I’m at it again with the 10-question survey, designed to reveal YOUR acting path to you.  It’s fun and you may even learn something if you’re not careful.

Remember – your responses are SO important to me, they will help form the future of the program.  YOLO (or something) – so take the survey and see what kind of actor you are!



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