I can’t believe I won Best Actress in the international film competition – it still doesn’t feel real!Thank you to Joanna for coaching me in “Being Becca.”  Working with you has been fun and I’ve learned a lot at the acting studio.

– Shelby Sporl




Joanna’s instruction has helped me land an agent, and roles in student films, short films, and a feature film in just a year of studying with her. Under Joanna, I know how to be in the moment, to adjust to directions, and what to expect on set and in auditions – which I wouldn’t have known before. Anyone serious about succeeding in acting will get all the tools for success from Joanna.

–  Daniel Donaldson, Actor, Florida



unnamedJoanna taught me everything I needed to get started in acting and more. This is way more than just an acting class. I was never much of a public speaker, but after taking this course for the first month I have gained confidence I never had before. I have always wanted to take acting classes and Joanna has turned out to be the best teacher and mentor possible! She has helped me develop my speaking and self expression skills to a higher level. Horton Actors Studio has even set me up with actual auditions for paying roles in movies, and I have met great friends along the way who share my dreams of acting! I highly recommend this class to anyone who wants to get into acting. You won’t be disappointed.

– Oana Jones, Actor/Model, Florida




1401721_10151715666736780_177104142_oJoanna is an amazingly talented acting teacher. Her insight, passion and integrity is inspiring and made me remember how much I love acting. I would recommend her to any actor out there that is looking for a teacher to help them out with their careers.

– Dana Tartau, Actor





Joanna is a rare woman with tremendous talent that she is generous in sharing and cultivating in others.  Joanna is clear and focused about doing “the work.” She brings sheer determination and passion to make something new manifest in front of her eyes. With students, I have seen the compassionate yet firm way in which she pushes people to new heights. She does not take short cuts and moves herself and her students beyond where they think they can go.  If you get a chance to cast her or hire her as an acting coach do it.  You will be so glad you did. She’s a delight to be around and a catalyst for good.

– Dr. Nadia Ramoutar, Writer/Director/Producer & Professor




I can’t say enough about how much The Horton Actors Studio means to me and what a positive impact it has made in my life. In addition to amazing training by truly talented instructors, it also provides a sense of community and has become my second home.

– Kim Turton, Actor, Florida





After a decade of acting classes in Florida and New York City, I finally found a class could use as a firm foundation to grow upon, not only as an actor, but as an artist, a human being. Without the guidance, training, and passion of Jo’s class I would not have had the confidence to move out here to Los Angeles to further pursue my dream of being an actor.

–  Patrick Barry, Actor, Los Angeles




Working with Joanna has been amazing for my work.  In acting and with myself, working with Joanna has been tremendous. Joanna’s focus is on cutting through the layers of fluff and getting to your genuine impulses. She expects nothing but the truth.”

– Whitney Johns, Model/Actor, Los Angeles






Joanna gives me chance to grow as an actress especially with her awesome guidance on-set. Can’t wait until our next collaboration! THANK YOU!

– Cher Davis, Actor, Florida



Horton Actors Studio is a place to discover yourself, to push yourself to your peak, to find what truly motivates you in a way that translates onto the screen or stage that is completely genuine and authentic. This part of my life has been the most revelatory and fulfilling. The dedicated instructors and the learning processes make up just a part of what the Horton Actors Studio truly embodies. There is no place like it.

– Laura Bogen, Actor, Florida



This class has not only helped me overcome self-doubt, but has given me confidence and experience as an actor. After studying with Jo, I feel like a new person. I strongly recommend this class to anyone and every one who is interested in acting. One of the best decisions of my life. As a person I have grown and am forever grateful for it.

–   Eric Dooley, Actor/Filmmaker, Florida



The emotional honesty technique makes me organic, truthful and open. I love how much it helps me grow as an actress among other talented actors. I have gained so much from Joanna’s teaching and the Meisner program. Joanna creates a safe environment of support and is amazingly giving with her students. I feel blessed to work with her.

–  Mildred Aldaya, Actor, Florida





Joanna allows me to feel and express freely, without moral judgment or restriction. I truly appreciate the emotional safe haven she creates for our class. Joanna’s instructional format and manner of explanations make it easy for me to absorb and understand. Quite frequently, I find myself pondering about “just being”, and I have Joanna to thank for this wonderful opportunity to grow professionally and–as an added bonus!–personally.”

– Grace de la Rosa, Actor/Model, Atlanta, GA



teen-angel-e1358885786225-794x1024My daughter has been taking classes with Joanna for about 8 months and I have so enjoyed seeing her grow as a young actress. She loves being taught under Joanna’s instruction. Because of her classes, my daughter’s confidence level has increased dramatically, and as a direct result of Joanna’s lessons, our daughter was accepted into the Grammy-endorsed, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts theater program. She was up against students that had been training for 3 or more years at a previous art middle school. We couldn’t be more excited about that! The successes of her other students, both children and adults, are a testament to Joanna’s drive to push them to achieve their best.

As a parent, I must say how impressed I have been with not only Joanna’s talent as a teacher, but her drive, demeanor, and overall character. She is genuine and sincere. She treats us like friends, not customers. Joanna is very engaging with parents and her students. She exudes a calm confidence in what she does, even under pressure and time constraints.

Joanna has a true gift for teaching. Joanna is patient and passionate, and employs numerous techniques to grow their knowledge, skills, and experience. It has been fascinating to witness Joanna in action as she teaches students to dig deep inside to bring out the character and make it believable to the audience.

– Jenifer Polly, parent of Madison Polly, Actor



Casting Workshops

1013645_10204534841266311_3273895109345206081_nI learned a lot through Joanna and Heather on how to improve my acting skills. I felt like I was in a commercial, like when we did improv and pretended to sell products. I also learned how to use my “schema” during acting, and how to use my body movement and my facial features. I am looking forward to another class. Thank you!

– Madison Lee, Actor, Florida


Having somewhat recently embarked on one of my hidden passions of modeling and acting, a friend recommended I attend Heather Heinz and Joanna Horton’s acting workshop. I am very glad I did. Joanna and Heather immediately make you feel at ease and welcome you into the acting studio. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone thinking of getting into acting or looking to further their understanding of the craft.

– Benjamin Videtto, Actor, Florida


We are novices in the commercial world, and this was an incredible introduction and teaching session. Since the class, Abby has been practicing saying different phrases at least 5 different ways, and it is a new fun game we play together!

– Julie Bradley, Mom of actor, Abby, Florida
The workshop was a great experience.Joanna, Heather and the staff were wonderful to work with and I am really glad I made the decision to attend.  It was designed for all levels of experience. I personally came away with more confidence and feeling better about myself. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is serious about the business. Good investment.

– George Bennis, Actor, Florida

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